Where do you feel most awkward when travelling solo

And I mean general places you go to on every travel through such as acommodation, airport/transport, restaurant, sites of interest, museums, …

For me it is like

Airport/transport- not awkward at all, plenty people there are solo for various reasons

Acommodation – not awkward, usually it is private room so nobody can see me anyway

Shops – not awkward, they just want to sell items

Sites of interest – uh, tough one, sometimes If it is some place which tends to have some “romantic” reputation it can get a little bit awkward to be one of the rare solo travellers among couples but usually places of interest are nice and I am occupied with enjoying the moment that I do not care about that

Restaurants – the most awkward, especially when having to ask table for one person, also If I need toilet I feel uncomfortable to leave the table empty. TBH the older I get, I have less and less will to eat out alone…

Outdoors – in general fine but I avoid beaches as There is often no secure place to leave items If alone and lately when i go for a hike I tend to get anxious If there are no other people in sight. So i started to look some organized groups or like Airbnb experiences to go to nature.

Bonus: telling others that I am going solo- the most awkward. They are always like

Solo? Like alone? Like completely alone? Without anyone?
What will you do entire time? Why you have no company to join you?
Do you know what can happen? Have you heard how they kidnapped someone there 30 Years ago? I read that someone got robbed/lost/stolen organs/kidnapped there?

Now your experiences and opinions and maybe some advice 🙂