Spain heatwave – travel advice needed!

Hola! I am currently travelling Spain. After a week in Barcelona , I’m now in Cadaques which is lovely.

I’d love some advice about the rest of my itinerary, particularly in light of the coming Spanish heat wave this week. Reading about the heat wave, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees celsius, I’m wondering if heading to a big city in a couple of days is a bad idea? **Would I be better off staying north where the heat is more manageable?**

Would also love any thoughts on my itinerary – **if I should skip any towns, stay longer anywhere, etc.?**

The rest of my itinerary is:

* CADAQUES – 2 nights
* GIRONA – 1 night
* MADRID – 2 nights
* GRENADA – 2 nights
* TORREMILINOS – 2 nights
* SEVILLE – 3 nights