South America Solo Trip

I am planning my next solo trip to South America. In the past I have done multiple solo trips across Europe, United States, Brazil and India.

I plan to spend about 20 days in each country and am looking to travel between October to December 2022

In the past I have planned my itineraries sometimes to the day and other times I have just winged it. These are the main attractions and cities I want to visit on this trip.


*Buenos Aires
*Iguazu Falls
*Perito Moreno Glacier


*Torres del Paine
*Catedral de Marmol
*Easter Island
*Atacama Desert


*Laguna Colorada
*Salar de Uyuni
*Eduardo Avaroa
*La Paz
*Lake Titicaca Bolivia


*Lake Titicaca Peru
*Machu Picchu
*Huascaran & Laguna Paron


*Cano Cristales
*San Agustin Park

Is this too much to visit in 3 months? I am still in the initial phase of planning my trip and would love any feedback.