Questions on South America (solo trip, ~1 month)

Hi all,

I’m in the early stages of planning a solo trip to South America. I’ll have about a month and my only available period will be mid-June to late July 2023. I know it’s early, but I’ve started putting together a tentative itinerary and doing some research, and have a few questions for those more knowledgeable than me. Let me specify that it would be my first ever trip to South America as well as my first time travelling solo for a full month, although I have been on multiple two-week solo trips around Europe in the past.

This is my itinerary so far:

|Day |Place |
|1-5|Fly into Buenos Aires and visit, then fly/bus to Santiago|
|11-17|Fly from Valparaíso to Calama, get to San Pedro de Atacama, visit area|
|17-19|Back to Calama, get to Arequipa via Arica and Tacna|
|22-28|Cusco / Inca Trail etc|
|28-31|Lima, then fly back|

Here are my main questions at this stage:

1. Any general feedback on the itinerary? Does it look okay, or are there any glaring imbalances? For example, is 6 days in the Atacama area too much? I’ve always dreamed of going stargazing there and seeing the desert ; other priorities for this trip include good food and interesting architecture. I like hiking but I’m not a massive hiking person, which is why while I’m very keen to spend time in the Cusco area, I don’t think I’m going to Huaraz even though I’ve read interesting things about it.
2. On a related note, I’m still of two minds about Ecuador. Is it worth a few extra days after Peru ? Or given that I won’t have more than ~35-40 days at best, should I just focus on Argentina, Chile and Peru? As far as I know, it’s also easier to fly back to Europe from Lima given the direct flights to Madrid and Amsterdam, while Quito may prove a bit trickier.
3. I know July is probably the worst month in BA and perhaps in central Chile too, but that’s my only available month. I’m not too worried about finding chilly, damp weather in the first part of the trip , but are we in “yeah not ideal but you’ll be fine” territory, or is it more like “it’s going to be horrible, skip BA completely”? I’ve always wanted to visit BA, am I going to be able to enjoy it in July?
4. Vaccinations – I’m definitely going to do Hep A and typhoid fever . Given my itinerary, I can’t figure out if it would make sense to get yellow fever too? That would set me back around £80, but I’m happy to pay if it’s worth having.
5. I noticed that the two main options for getting to Santiago from BA are a 2-hour flight and a 24-hour bus ride. Is the bus ride at all nice or just unbearably long and I should just get the plane?

Thanks in advance everyone!

EDIT: forgot to add that I’d like to keep my expenses at or below US$50 per day on average .


Help with South India itinerary

Hi guys, M25 from UK going to South India for a month in September 2022. Looking for help with my itinerary and travel advice.

I will fly from London to Goa and spend a few days here chilling at the beach. I know the weather becomes more moderate and monsoon season comes to an end. Is this correct?

From Goa, I will travel to Hampi as I have heard it is really nice. From Hampi, I will come back to Goa and make my way to Kochi.

I am slightly unsure on where to go from here but I am thinking Kalpetta – Mysore – chennai – Pondicherry – Madurai – Thekkady – Alleppey. Then fly back home from Kochi.

Does this seem like too much travel as I know India is a huge country so traveling around it takes time? I could skip Goa and go straight to Kochi?

My budget is fairly open and I don’t mind spending to experience South India.

My interests are good food, nice nature eg walks/hikes/animals and fun people! Not too interested in seeing loads of temples etc

Any advice is much appreciated!


Woman solo / working on Spanish language recommendations?

I’m a moderately experienced traveler – two of my priorities right now are more trips outside of the US and also continuing to improve my Spanish. I’ve been to Spain on solo trips. I also had a semi-solo business trip to Peru . Outside of Spanish speaking countries I similarly went to Portugal semi-solo, and also to Mexico semi-solo, but this was to Acapulco for a conference, and it was on a resort where there was basically no Spanish being spoken.

I’m looking for thoughts on the safest options to add to my Spanish speaking experience. I’m going back to Spain to see places I haven’t seen yet – Bilbao, Zaragoza, Cádiz, etc.), but I would also like to see more of the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. I’m open to probably staying in big label hotels instead of Airbnb’s. I would prefer an urban environment. I can hold my own in big cities but I do also come from a part of the US where I don’t always even need to lock my car. 🙂

Curious about solo thoughts particularly for CDMX, Santiago, Bogotá. Buenos Aires is on my list – we actually thought about going just this Spring but the tickets were more than 2x going to Madrid/Alicante and we did the latter – that was not solo, although it could have been .


How to convince parents to go on a solo trip?

Hi all!

I’m an Asian woman in 20s, looking to go on a solo trip to Western Europe sometime this year. In our culture, very few woman gets to travel on their own . Most women gets to travel only if a related male is accompanying them. This is slowly changing, but my parents being very orthodox, they are completely against me traveling on my own. I’m very free spirited and independent and going on a solo trip has been on my bucket list for long. I’m working and make good money, so I would be funding the trip on my own. I have tried to convince them by saying that I would plan the trip with much deliberation and stick to relatively safe locations, but that isn’t working. Infact, I had planned to go to some locations within my country as my first trip, but upon my parents commenting that some of those places are notorious for crime against women , I have decided to go to some European countries instead. Now they are coming up with some ridiculous reasons as to why I shouldn’t go, like this trip is totally unnecessary, I’d be wasting money, even went as far to ask me to get married soon, so that I can travel with my husband! If I persist, they would start guilt-tripping me by saying that I have grown up not to listen to them. If there is someone else here who tackled similar situations, please give me some advice! Sure, I can disregard their opinions and still go on the trip, but I’m afraid I will be cutting ties with them, so I am keeping that as the last resort.

A little about myself and my travel plans: I am planning a trip of maximum 7 days, would like to stay in hostels and stick to public transport as much as possible. I am considering Paris and Amsterdam . Looking for some other suggestions which I can cover within 7 days, preferably some places safe and easy to navigate for a first time traveler. I would be traveling sometime between October – January this year.I have very little solo traveling experience, the farthest I have travelled on my own was to a different state to go to university. I speak good English, I don’t speak any European languages. I am a petite woman and not trained in any sort of self-defense or martial arts, so a pepper spray and presence of mind would be my best bet if I get into some trouble. I am also looking for some tips to plan my itinerary and on how to travel safely. Thanks in advance!

TL;DR : A woman looking for some tips to convince orthodox parents to let me travel solo! Also, looking for some location suggestions to consider, preferably in Western Europe and some tips to consider while traveling solo.


Ecuador travel advice 23F

I’m heading to Ecuador this week for 2.5 weeks and haven’t got any plans yet. Wondering if anyone has traveled there recently post-pandemic and found it easy to book things there from hostels ?

I am also slightly nervous about the safety aspect of the trip. I’m in South America at the moment and have felt safe so far, but speaking to some people I have heard that Ecuador, especially Quito, is not that safe for tourists anymore. Has anyone felt unsafe here or should I stop worrying and assess the situation when I arrive?

I am also looking for other city recommendations! I’ve heard Baños is great for adventure activities which I’m looking to do. Also Cuenca for some National park hikes? I am also considering going to the coast but I’m wondering if it’s worth the long coach journey considering I don’t have lots of time there! Also thinking of doing an Amazon trip to Cuyabeno, if anyone has recommendations for tours to here for a solo female traveller 🙂


One month in SE Asia. Am I overpacking and trying to do much?

Hey guys! So I’m a 30M about to solo travel to Thailand/Balifor month for the first time. Going to be splitting my time in between the two. Bali for the first half and then Thailand the latter.
Here’s my rough itinerary so far

Bali Portion

Ubud – 3 days
Seminyak/Canggu – 3 days
Gili Island – 3 days
Uluwatu – 2 days


Bangkok – 3 days
Chiang Mai – 3 days
Krabi – 1 day
Koh Samui – 2 days
Koh Pha Ngan – 2 days

– Is there anything I should add or remove in my list here?
– How hard was it for you to meet people? I’m hoping to meet people i their late 20s-30s and not a younger friend wanting to just black out.
– Any travel partner solo scams to watch out for? Let me know!
– also for my fitness peeps, were you able to work out?

I’m planning on traveling with an Osprey Porter 46L and a day pack. Never travelled that way before but reading
posts in here and r/onebag Ive seen this. Here’s my bag so far

– 6 socks, underwear
– 2 T shirts
– 2 tanks
– 3 shorts
– One pant
– One rain jacket
– One pair of ON sneakers
– One pair hiking shoes
– Drone
– GoPro
– Camera
– MacBook Air
– Kindle
– Chargers/battery for above

Where did you guys buy your tanks and shirts? I’ve been having a struggle finding some nice ones in cotton

I want to able to capture some of those views and would love to hear from someone that’s taken that equipment.

– were you able to travel easily with your stuff?
– Where did you keep your bags if you didn’t take your laptop out everyday?
– Did any of your stuff break or get damaged?

Lastly if there’s any other tips or suggestions you may
have please do let me know! Thanks guys!!

TLDR: Bali/Thailand one month. Need tips on my itinerary and bag packing.


1 week in Malaysia: a birthday gift to myself

Hello fellow travellers,

I have been lurking and reading some in here for the past week and this is the first time I’m posting. I’m really inspired on everyone’s journey, be it good or bad. I have a planned 1-week solo travel in Malaysia in September as a gift for my 25th birthday last May.

I’m M, 25, from the Philippines. I’m fully vaccinated, also had a booster shot. I’ve never had COVID.

Here is my general schedule for that week including the things I want to be doing. It is still open and may change depending on further research.

Arrival at Kota Kinabalu. Little city tour, explore food and culture

I want to hike Mount Kinabalu.

Some sea and beach would be nice. White water rafting, maybe?

Open. More relaxed than the last two days.

Arrival at Penang. Explore food and culture. Penang Hill at sunset?

I could do a full city tour. I believe there’s a free CAT bus going around the city?

Flight bound for Manila. I have a long layover in Singapore and I want to experience Changi airport and a quick city view if leaving the airport is allowed.

I’m open to staying in hostels because I love to meet some fellow travellers too. I love food and I’m not picky eater. I love a good view and architecture.

What foods are a must try,
What places are a must see,
How could I be respectful of the local culture?

I would love to hear your feedback and recommendations so as to make this a memorable first solo international travel.

Thank you and I appreciate you all.


Will England let in US citizen without return flight?

Hello, I am about to do my first solo trip to another country for 16-18 days. I am spontaneously flying to London in a few days, I wanted to go to another country too but was having trouble deciding, and thought it would be best to not book a return flight so that I have the freedom to go wherever I want without having to worry about being in a specific country to be able to return home. My friend who has traveled extensively thinks it will be fine that I do not have a return ticket when I arrive, but I wanted to see what you all think. Would a white 30 year old American citizen with a good job be given any trouble entering the country through the London airport without having a return ticket?


First-time Budapest itinerary!

Day 1: Tuesday
– Get to Budapest mid- to late-afternoon

Day 2: Wednesday
– Free walking tour
– Castle Hill
– Buda Castle
– Budapest History Museum
– Hungarian National Gallery
– The Hospital in the Rock
– Matthias Church
– Fisherman’s Bastion
– Hungarian Presidential Palace
– Buda Tower

Day 3: Thursday
– Parliament building
– Shoes on the Danube Bank
– Walk across the Chain Bridge
– Eat at the Great Market Hall
– St. Stephen’s Basilica
– Dohany Street Synagogue tour
– Hungarian State Opera House
– Ruin bars

Day 4: Friday
– Explore Gellert Hill
– Cave Church
– House of Terror Museum
– Heroes’ Square
– Szechenyi Baths

Day 5: Saturday
– Margaret Island or Lake Balaton

Day 6: Sunday
– Relax or revisit places

Day 7: Monday
– Relax or revisit places

Day 8: Tuesday
– Relax or revisit places

Day 9: Wednesday
– Leave Budapest early in the morning


Critique my newbie Prague itinerary!

Day 1: Thursday
– Fly into Prague mid-afternoon

Day 2: Friday
– Free walking tour from 10am to 1pm ending near Prague Castle
– Check out Prague Castle
– Walk around Petrin Park and go up the mini Eiffel Tower
– See the John Lennon wall in the Kampa neighborhood
– Relax in Kampa then go over Charles Bridge

Day 3: Saturday
– Hang out in Old Town Square, see the Astronomical Clock, visit the Tyn and St. Nicholas churches, explore catacombs
– Explore the Jewish Quarter
– Explore Letna Park
– Take an underground tour

Day 4: Sunday
– Day trip to Kutna Hora

Day 5: Monday
– Explore Vysehrad
– Walk back to the town center
– Visit the Powder Tower
– Wander around Prague

Day 6: Tuesday
– Leave Prague very early in the morning