[itinerary] 30s F 6 day Egypt itinerary check

Hi everyone,

going to Egypt for about 6 days in September. I’ve solo traveled a lot and read a bunch of the threads on this sub for guidance. Wanted to run a general itinerary by you all and see if I’m trying to do too much before I book any hostels.

Day 1 – plane gets in early morning in Cairo. Drop bags off, explore Cairo – museums, some mosques and churches. Maybe a market.

Day 2 – go to Giza. check out the pyramids. Probably won’t go inside since I’ve heard that other pyramids are more interesting inside.

Day 3 – more wandering around Cairo. Midday take a flight to Luxor.

Day 4 – Explore Luxor and surrounding areas for the day

Day 5 – car from Luxor to Abydos/Dendera.

One question, should I go to Hurghada? I know it’s a resort town. I do like beaches and relaxing but I’m worried as a solo F, it could be difficult to balance more modest dress in that area?

Day 6 – if I go to Hurghada, I’d stay for 1 full day and catch a flight back to Cairo in the evening. If I don’t, I’d probably spend another day in the Luxor area.

Another question, my flight on Day 7 leaves very early 7am in the morning. Is it safe to stay overnight at the airport in Cairo? I have done overnights in some airports before so I know it will most likely be uncomfortable. Also, I’m curious to take the subway in Cairo. Would people not recommend? I’ve done the subways in CDMX before with no issue

Thanks for your feedback. Safe travels!!