I have a little over a week off in July and am stumped on where to go

I’m a fairly seasoned solo traveler but things seem so damn expensive right now. I’m currently a grad student so I can’t just drop $1.2k on a car rental for a week. $1.2k is my soft max budget. I’m based in a small Canadian city ~3 hrs from Toronto called Kingston. I can fly out of Ottawa the easiest, but it’s a $50 bus ride to Toronto or Montreal.

Some ideas I had:

* Hike Gros Morne in Newfoundland. Fly to St John’s from Toronto , car rental , hostels ~$40/night. Food, gas….This is too expensive.
* Fly to Halifax from Ottawa but there aren’t any car rentals in Halifax so I wouldn’t be able to get to any good hikes. I’d be stuck in Halifax.
* Rent a car for the entire 8-9 days here in Kingston for ~$500, drive to Halifax, make fun stops along the way in Maine and New Brunswick. Hike in northern Nova Scotia for a few days, come back. Gas would be another $500 or so , hostel is $40/night or so, food, etc. I’d probably hit soft budget pretty easily with this trip. I’m reluctant because the drive is long so if it isn’t scenic then it’s a waste of time for me. Another plus with this is low risk of catching Covid and ruining the trip.
* Fly to Vancouver or Victoria , rent a car for the week , hike in the Rockies or drive to Tofino. I’ve done this before though and only about 2 years ago. I know I’d enjoy myself but it’d be nice to do something new for a change.

Other flights were pretty pricy and I don’t have much interest going to a place like Florida . Open to going to other countries.