First solo trip to Singapore and learning about myself

With travel around the world opening up again, I decided to take my first ever solo trip. I’ve wanted to go on a solo trip for years and I’ve certainly talked the talk but there’s no point in just *saying* I can do it, I gotta actually do it and see if I can walk the walk. So a week ago, I set off on a week long journey to Singapore.

**Planes and accommodation**

The biggest mistake was that I did this on a whim. I had never planned to go to Singapore and had never researched into it so I didn’t really know what I wanted to do there. The trip really was more about finding out what I liked and was capable of and Singapore seemed a relatively decent location to do so

This meant plane tickets were more expensive than they had to be, probably 1.5x the cost. The hotel on the other hand were fine as I managed to snag a pretty great deal for a 3 star hotel, price was 45% off or something.


The first 2 days were tourist traps and I found these disappointing. I didn’t like the ArtScience Museum or the Gardens but I did enjoy the National Museum and Asian Civilizations Museum. So I took a break on the 3rd day to do some researching in the hotel room and found Singapore has a slight obsession with their WW2 history. I then spent the remaining 3 days mostly trudging around the outskirts of the city state visiting tiny museums and memorials and greatly enjoyed myself. I also visited the Singapore City Gallery and took a ferry trip to an Island .

**Culture, Food and the Weather**

As an early riser and early sleeper, Singapore’s culture definitely wasn’t suited to me. I’d wake up at 6 then have to sleep in till 9 because nothing would be open yet. Then everything would close at 4. I understand why but it ain’t for me. On the other hand, I did get to sleep a lot.

I’m not a foodie so I’m only qualified to say the food was ok but the lines were atrocious .

The weather was ridiculously humid. I live in Sydney and even on the 40 degree days here I wouldn’t sweat but I’d go outside for 5 minutes in Singapore and I’d be soaked. I definitely used more of the MRT system than I was expecting .


Given the trip was less about the city and more about discovering myself, I think I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about more interests in traveling, what my physical, fiscal and mental limits are and whether I should continue solo traveling in the future.

It’s became apparent that I’m very miserly. I balked at spending over a hundred dollars a day. I knew I was frugal but I hadn’t realised just how much I refuse to spend money on leisure. On the flipside, if it meant doing ‘cheap or free’ things, I’d be prepared to take unusual and uncomfortable measures to make it happen. Many museums/memorials were effectively in the middle of nowhere but it didn’t bother me too much to swelter away for half an hour to get there.

I found it interesting that while in the middle of the city, I felt vaguely lonely but while alone in god knows where, I was 100% ok with it. Why? Dunno. Bears investigation.

It was a great trip and I’m looking forward to the next one. I fully intend that to be much better planned however and not slapped together haphazardly.