Dominican Republic Solo Travel

Hi everyone. I just got back from a month in Colombia and I want to go to another Spanish speaking country, this time only for a week/10 days. I was thinking about the Dominican Republic but I can’t really find that much information on backpacking there. I’d rather stay away from Punta Cana and places that are super commercial, I like smaller towns, any cute places in the mountains etc.

Was looking at starting my trip in Santo Domingo and making my way through El Higuero, Los Morenos, Santiago, Jamao del Norte, Cabarete, Jarabacoa, and Puerto Plata. And I’d love to see
Parque Nacional Los Haitise but haven’t looked where that is on the map.

Any recommendations? Is it relatively safe for solo female travelers? I know some Spanish but I’m not fluent, I did ok in Colombia though.

Any advice is appreciated!! Thank youuuu <3