Lima was my favourite South American city, why do people down talk it?

I notice amongst many travellers that Lima is not talked up much and people said you can do it in a couple of days. The one country in SA that I did not go to was Argentina, and perhaps Buenos Aires could potentially pip my experience in Lima, but other than that I felt like Lima, and specifically Miraflores, was the place that most resembled European standards. And I thought this was the best city/capital I came across, but again, specifically the neighbourhood of Miraflores.

Albeit not like Rio’s beaches, it is a capital by the sea which is very popular with surfers, you’re breathing in sea air and not quite as polluted as other places, it’s very very clean to the point where there’s no litter on the street, the neighbourhood is extremely safe and quite upmarket. The food in Lima is terrific, much more taste, variety and generally healthier options. Some really nice restaurants there also. Whilst Peruvian women are not as beautiful as Colombian, I thought the women in Lima were both very attractive and it was very easy to line up dates. Some of the markets and parks were really nice. The weather was at times cloudy, but on the whole it was warm. The nightlife was balanced, in that it wasn’t quite so hectic like Medellin or Rio. Granted, there are rough parts in Lima just like there are rough parts in say Rio or Medellin.

I really liked Bogota, but Bogota by comparison is incredibly unsafe, extremely cold, and the interesting places in Bogota are widely spread out. Colombian food is gash also. Rio was a very fun city, but again, very dangerous, bang average food, incredibly dirty and poor wherever you go. Medellin shares the same danger problems as Bogota, and outside of partying, doesn’t really offer a great deal.

In terms of major cities, I judge it by how you would live there. Rio and Medellin are great for partying, but if you’re 32 like me, you don’t want to just carry on partying forever. I’m surprised by the lack of love for Lima. It ticks the box for safety, cleansiness, food, weather, social, women, and being right next to the sea. Miraflores felt like a proper place to me, where I didn’t have to worry about being mugged, have children approaching me every 5 minutes for money, or just being constantly served rice, beans and steak. The only downside perhaps was that it was more expensive than say Colombia for example. Bogota was the other major city that really impressed me but for the drawbacks mentioned above.

Was anyone else pleasantly surprised by their time in Miraflores? Perhaps it was a tad snooty, but I was taken aback by how clean and well presented this place was.


small tip: never take tour guides if you can go yourself

Don’t get me wrong, there are some places where you absolutely need a tour guide in order to fully understand what you are seeing and how to get around safely in a particular country / area.

But if the area you want to visit and learn more about is easily accessible to anyone. I highly recommend you avoid tour guides and enjoy the experience for yourself.

The problem with tour guides is they rush you and pressure you to keep moving around, not leaving you to take in and enjoy the moment for what it’s worth . Whenever you arrive to a nice place, a few minutes later the guide will be near the car ordering you to get in. This is not a way to properly appreciate what you are there to see, if you are alone, you will feel way more free and relaxed instead of stressed and rushed.

If you want to use tour guides to learn more about the history of an area, there are plenty of audiobooks, podcasts on the Internet to help you learn more about it by yourself.


Value of solo travel?

For the past few weeks I have been trying to find a nice spot to vacation for a week solo, recently settling on London given the prices of domestic US flights being expensive. It would be my first trip internationally, going around August with a budget of $1500-$2K. I was wondering if the length of the trip is appropriate, and if the value of the trip itself justifies the hassle and large sum I would pay in the end. Idk if anyone else ever feels this way, but I can’t help but think of other things I could put money towards and want to know if anyone feels the same when planning vacations alone, and if I should do anything different in my planning.

Also, if anyone knows of some great spots to hike and be in nature around the UK please lmk, a city-free day wouldn’t hurt me at all lol. Thanks! 🙂


Solo trip to Ecuador and Bolivia

I am planning to visit Ecuador and Bolivia,

I plan to use Airbnb I’ve read a lot of post about traveling to these countries, but, most are from years ago. I just want to get some updated advice or tips for a black male solo traveler. What cities should i visit? Which cities should i avoid? I definitely want to visit the Galapagos Islands and the Salt Flats of course. I’ve been wanting to try something new like, take a cooking class on traditional dishes of the country, should i just use Airbnb for this or does anyone have any recommendations. I’m pretty open person, wondering and exploring cities without a plan is my favorite part!

I can’t say that I’m not concerned for my safety, after reading a lot of post about being mugged, followed or scammed etc. I usually am pretty cautious when I’m travelling solo anywhere, even in my own city . Apart from don’t walk down any dark allies during the night/day or if it looks a bit sketchy don’t bother or walking at night. Keeping my valuables close to me at all times, i plan to take my camera of course as well.

Also what’s the Covid situation like for these countries, is anyone currently there was customs difficult to get through?

Is there anything in particular that I should really know about?


Critique request – 35 day trip along new England and east USA

Hey guys!

Brit here planning an 18 month trip through the Americas and south East Asia. I’m currently planning the first leg of my trip – 35 days through eastern USA and I was hoping for some critical and knowledgeable eyes to check over my itinerary as follows.

Planning to go around beginning of October. Looking to experience 4 big cities and experience New England fall colours. Hiring a camper van from Boston but Washington > Boston will be via public transport

Day 1 – relax following flight

Day 2 to 5 – Washington DC

Day 6 to 7 – Philadelphia

Day 8 to 13 – New York

Day 14 – Boston

Day 15 to 16 – Maine coast upto Acadia

DAY 17 to 19 – Acadia national park

Day 20 to 22 – white mountains area

Day 23 to 24 – Stowe

Day 25 to 27 – Green Mountains area

Day 28 to 29 – Berkshires area

Day 30 to 32 – Salem

Day 33 to 35 – Boston

Day 36 – flight out.


Sightseeing tips for a student abroad?

This fall I’m going to be studying abroad in Eruope, and we’re given 5 days of independent travel time starting from Barcelona.

This will be my first time in Europe, and I’m a young woman so I’m wary of just going wherever I please by myself. My original plan is to go to Disneyland Paris, but I was curious if anyone more knowledgeable had any ideas of where I should go during my break.

Keep in mind I am quite the broke college student and may not have more than 1k to spend on this excursion. But I also want to be able to enjoy myself, try some food, see museums… anything that doesn’t keep me completely reclusive but also doesn’t send me backpacking across the Alps


Help – First Solo Travel – Europe

Hi everyone, I would appreciate if you could take a look at my itinerary below and give your opinions on how realistic, enjoyable, or stressful this plan is.

I have a budget of $5,000 CAD which is about 3,700 Euros. My interests include visiting main touristic attractions, eating the tastiest foods, enjoying some nightlife, and learning about the different cultures. Planning on booking in the next couple of days . Thanks for any help!

Jun 13 – Fly to Rome + Jun 14 – 19 Rome

Jun 20 Train to Florence + Jun 21-24 Florence

Jun 25 fly to Budapest + Jun 26-28 Budapest

Jun 29 train to Vienna + Jun 30- 02 Jul Vienna

Jul 03 train to Prague + Jul 04-06 Prague

Jul 07 train to Berlin+ Jul 08-11 Berlin

Jul 12 fly to Amsterdam + Jul 13-15 Amsterdam

Jul 16 fly Home :’)


August trip Central Europe – tips/feedback/suggestions?

Hey everyone! I’m 24m from the Netherlands and I’ve been thinking about going for a solotrip around Central Europe this summer. Any tips, recommendations or feedback are welcome.

General planning
2,5 days Vienna
1 night Bratislava
4 nights Budapest
1 night Zagreb
2 nights Ljubljana
1 night Venice

A few notes on my preliminary planning:
* I know there’s a lot of different places on the menu, but this is a result of a bet I made with myself to visit at least 25 countries before I’m 25 years old. I’m now stuck at 21 and this journey will take it to 25 countries. That’s why cities like Bratislava and Zagreb are added. If you think I’d better spend more time in these cities please let me know.
* I’d rather not fly, since I’m from Europe and the cities are rather close to each other. I’ve now planned a trainride to Vienna and from there I’ll travel by Flixbus .
* I’m thinking about meeting a friend of mine in Venice, but I am aware that this will complicate my journey.
* My end date is rather fixed but starting date could be changed 1 or 2 days.

Detailed planning Augustus
17 – Netherlands to Vienna
18 – arrival in Vienna
19 – Vienna
20 – Vienna -> Bratislava
21 – Bratislava -> Budapest
22 – Budapest
23 – Budapest
24 – Budapest
25 – Budapest -> Zagreb
26 – Zagreb -> Ljubljana
27 – Ljubljana
28 – Ljubljana -> Venice
29 – Venice -> Brussels

Please let me know what you think of this! Open to changing things and other suggestions


Too long Europe trip

Hi all travellers!
From Turkey and 24 M. I have really long trip plan that will start from Hamburg by plane. Then, my trip continues Cologne and Amsterdam respectively by the bus. I am going to fly Dublin for three days via Ryan Air I will back to brussell by plane. Later, my next station will be Paris. I haven’t already planed that but I can visit Luxemburg or Geneva for one day and boarding the bus for Barcelona. After the visiting Barcelona, i will have visited to Madrid and Seville respectively and back to Istanbul from Seville with the Turkish airlines’ loyalty program
My plan depends to schengen visa which is totally disgraceful for all humanity.

I am low coast traveller and my whole budget is 2300€ for all My plan can take 20-25 days and i want to ask all travellers that how many days can be enough for visiting most attractions of these cities with the quickly? Would be great if you can write numbers of days for each days? Also waiting your tips for economical and delicious restaurants in these cities


Looking for tips and opinions about my Europe trip

I am planning to travel from early September to mid October . My trip is planned in such a way that I will first try to visit coast towns to be able to go swimming while it is still reasonably warm. After that, I’ll check out a few cities in Central Europe. I live in Munich myself, so my tour starts and ends near there. It will be my first time traveling alone, but I am really looking forward to it.

**MY PLAN:**

**1. La Spezia** – 3 nights

**2. Florence** – 5 nights

**3. Ancona** – 2 nights

**4. Split** – 5 nights

**5. Zagreb** – 5 nights

**6. Budapest** – 6 nights

**7. Vienna** – 4 nights

**8. Prague** – 5 nights


1. how much budget should I plan for the trip? I’m not the economical type and like to go out for a meal or a drink, as I like to experience the food culture in different countries. I have currently calculated with about 2500 euros.

2. what do you think of my route? Are the times reasonable for each citiy? I will not book anything in advance as I would like to be flexible in case I want to stay longer in a city or I want to leave earlier.

3. does anyone have experience with the ferry from Ancona to Split? Do I need to book in advance or can it be booked short-term? I have googled and found different things and providers, some of which no longer exist. I dont know much about Ancona, is it worth spending there more time than 2-3 days?

4. I plan to sleep in hostels to meet cool new people. Unfortunately, I snore, so I’m not sure if it disturbs people too much when I sleep in a shared room. Has anyone got experience with that? I feel pretty nervous thinking about people who could get upset with me because im too loud of a snorer.


Total nights: 35

Total Destinations: 8

Budget: 2500 Euros

Thank you for any advice!