23M who wants to travel the world while I’m still young


I know questions like this have been asked before, but I wanted to ask more about my specific situation. I’m a 23 year old male recent grad and I’ve realized that a dream of mine is to solo travel the world, especially while I’m young and have little responsibility. I studied abroad in Europe for a while and would solo travel on my weekends to different countries, so it’s not an entirely new concept for me. On top of that, I traveled a fair amount as a kid, so this isn’t an entirely new concept for me. My goals are as follow:

-Solo travel for exactly a year either

– Travel throughout Western USA, Costa Rica, South America , Europe , Australia and NZ, and Asia

-Do it on a budget of 30k-40k

-Bring a portable guitar with me

-Stay in good shape

-Don’t get killed while abroad

Am I being too ambitious with my goals/budget? What resources can I use to start planning ahead, especially while this idea is in it’s infancy. Thankfully, due to backpacking and hiking, I already have a lot of gear tailored for compact travel. Thanks so much and any advice is great appreciated!