Drive to Valle del Bravo Mexico and Taxco suggestions

hello, I am planning a trip for 5 days to Mexico we are looking for a relaxing not too packed vacation trip. We are considering going to Valle del Bravo and staying at Hotel rodavento.

Question. We are considering renting a car and driving ourselves to save up time. How convenient is it to rent a car at the airport to drive to Valle del Bravo then to Taxco and back to Airport. Is it safe? is dangerous to drive through Mexico City in our way back from Taxco? Also, can you recommend or make any suggestions for my itinerary.

**Valle del Bravo staying at Rodavento Hotel 2 days..** looking for more relaxing days here

-Horseback riding

-Lake Avandaro

-Mirador la pena

**Taxco staying at Hotel Montetaxco. For 2 days** more active days

-Santa Prisca de Taxco

-Pozas Azules de Atzala

-Mina Prehispanica de Taxco

-Mercado de Plata

-The cristo Monument

-Museao casa de las lagrimas

-Plaza Borda


Budget and advice for 20 days in the US

Hi all!

My OH and I are visiting the US for the first time and have some questions about the budget we need to prepare for it. We leave our country with all the flights and accommodations booked, so it would be just gas, eating, sightseeing, tickets, some shopping… How much money should we plan for that? I know it depends on how you travel, we don’t backpack, but don’t travel on the high end either, just an average thing. Some days we will pick something in a Walmart or alike and eat on the road. I had planned 200$ for 2 people per day, but lots of people are saying I’m falling short.

I’m leaving our itinerary if it helps:

* Day 1: We get to Vegas and pick up a rental car
* Day 2: Driving from Vegas to Grand Canyon
* Day 3: Driving from Grand Canyon to Vegas through route 66
* Day 4: Driving from Vegas to Yosemite
* Day 5: Day in Yosemite
* Day 6: Driving from Yosemite to San Francisco
* Day 7: Day in San Francisco
* Day 8: Driving from San Francisco to Monterey Bay
* Day 9: Driving from Monterey Bay to Coastal California
* Day 10: Driving from Coastal California to L.A.
* Day 11: Day in L.A.
* Day 12: We leave the rental car in L.A. and fly to New Orleans
* Day 13: Day in New Orleans
* Day 14: Day in New Orleans
* Day 15: We leave New Orleans and fly to NY.
* Day 16: Day in NY
* Day 17: Day in NY
* Day 18: Day in NY
* Day 19: Day in NY
* Day 20: Day in NY and flying late in the evening back home.

Any advice on what to see, visit or any extra precaution we need to take regarding scams or safety would be much appreciated since it’s our first time overseas and English is not our first language. Also how to be nice and appreciative to people there and what is common in Europe but offensive in the US.

Thank you very much for your help 🙂

Edit: We are flying in the spring if it matters!

Edit 2: When I say our accommodations are booked beforehand I mean paid.

Edit 3: Sorry for editing so much! We both are vegan if it’s relevant for budgeting the food.


Around the Mediterranean sea in a car

Hey, I’m thinking about traveling around Mediterranean sea in a car. As a member of EU I could have easier a part of the route because of bureau. I got Renault Kangoo 1.4 with petrol+LPG engine. It’s slightly upgraded for small expedition. In my plan is also some co-pilot . I don’t have to ride still around a coasts and on a highways. Want to see some lakes, mountains, desert in some way. I imagine these possible options for sleeping: in a car, tent of hamac, camps, probably AirBnb in a bigger cities.
Few of my questions:
Is it even possible?
This or another car?
For what possible problems prepare my car to?
Some tips from more experienced people?

Thanks, Burák


Four days to fill in Europe

Halloo I’ve planned 12 days in Greece in mid October that includes Delphi, Athens, Olympia, Eleusis, Galaxidi, Corinth, Sparta. The group that I am with will be going home after that, and then I will be solo for another 4 days. By this point it will be end of October, I will be solo, no intention to rent a car, and I would prefer not to spend a whole lot of time on taxi’s and transfers. So it will need to be a place that is very walkable to the major sites. I am trying to decide what I might do … hop to Rhodes or Crete, or to someplace like Prague or Krakow? Main loves are history and food. No clubs needed.



Can you help me planning my Silk Road trip?

Hello everybody!

I’m starting to planning a trip from Italy to India.

Some info:
The passengers will be another men and a women.
The car will be Fiat 500X
The arrival date needs to be between the last week of November and the first of December.
Two passengers have Italian passport , the other have an India passport

The current, high level plan is:
1) From south Italy we will take a ferry to Albania.
2) Go to Istanbul .
3) Now the problems begins, China is still closed for tourism or transit via land. So the only feasible way is going via Pakistan

That should be my second road trip, the previous one was from Italy to Norway

Any hint or suggestion?
Thank you in advance