CDMX Itinerary

First solo trip, I’m landing in CDMX very soon for two weeks! I’m 24F, unfortunately don’t speak spanish though i wish I did, from a SEA country, living in a big city in the US. This is my broad itinerary so far, I’d love some feedback/recommendations. I like dancing, food, hiking, museums, art, biking, running, libraries, and bookstores!

– Land in CDMX — 4 days – museums, different neighbourhoods, pyramids, usually city things

– Nevado de Toluca — day hike

– Bus to Guanajuato — 2 nights

– Guanajuato to San Miguel — 1 night in SMA

– Back to CDMX — spend 2-3 days more

– Overnight trip to Puebla

– CDMX for the rest of the trip

– I am considering adding a day trip to Tepoztlan and maybe hiking Iztaccíhuatl if I feel up to it and prepared. Thoughts?


3 weeks in Canada/US during August

I’m going on exchange to a town near Toronto this fall. Before it i was planning to travel around in Canada/US, I have 3 weeks to a month of free time.

I’m only 20 so I can drink in Canada but not in the US during my trip, Which is a bit of a bummer.

I’ve been thinking of going:

Chicago -> Toronto – > Ottawa -> Montreal -> Quebec city

To then go back to Toronto and start my studies. Later during breaks or after the exchange i could discover US east coast as then I’m 21.

Is this a good idea or am i missing out on something ? Should i explore British Columbia or some other part as well?


Tours from San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni Salt Flats

Traveling to Chile next month and would like to hear your personal experiences with the San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni Salt Flats tours.

Seems like most tours are done via 4x4s with contracted drivers over 4 days/3 nights in remote areas without cell service or nearby cities. I also can’t tell if there is any difference btw the tour companies, but it seems like this is something I’d book upon arriving to SPDA. Is there a particular tour that you would recommend? How did you fit the tour into your overall Atacama trip?

In addition, as a solo female traveler, I am first concerned about safety and privacy, especially in a situation where I would not be able to call for help… can anyone share their experiences? Anything of note? Did you encounter other solo travelers? I would pay premium for peace of mind, although I have not seen any lux option. I am still on the fence but cannot imagine going all the way to Atacama and not seeing the Uyuni salt flats…



[itinerary] 30s F 6 day Egypt itinerary check

Hi everyone,

going to Egypt for about 6 days in September. I’ve solo traveled a lot and read a bunch of the threads on this sub for guidance. Wanted to run a general itinerary by you all and see if I’m trying to do too much before I book any hostels.

Day 1 – plane gets in early morning in Cairo. Drop bags off, explore Cairo – museums, some mosques and churches. Maybe a market.

Day 2 – go to Giza. check out the pyramids. Probably won’t go inside since I’ve heard that other pyramids are more interesting inside.

Day 3 – more wandering around Cairo. Midday take a flight to Luxor.

Day 4 – Explore Luxor and surrounding areas for the day

Day 5 – car from Luxor to Abydos/Dendera.

One question, should I go to Hurghada? I know it’s a resort town. I do like beaches and relaxing but I’m worried as a solo F, it could be difficult to balance more modest dress in that area?

Day 6 – if I go to Hurghada, I’d stay for 1 full day and catch a flight back to Cairo in the evening. If I don’t, I’d probably spend another day in the Luxor area.

Another question, my flight on Day 7 leaves very early 7am in the morning. Is it safe to stay overnight at the airport in Cairo? I have done overnights in some airports before so I know it will most likely be uncomfortable. Also, I’m curious to take the subway in Cairo. Would people not recommend? I’ve done the subways in CDMX before with no issue

Thanks for your feedback. Safe travels!!


Spain heatwave – travel advice needed!

Hola! I am currently travelling Spain. After a week in Barcelona , I’m now in Cadaques which is lovely.

I’d love some advice about the rest of my itinerary, particularly in light of the coming Spanish heat wave this week. Reading about the heat wave, with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees celsius, I’m wondering if heading to a big city in a couple of days is a bad idea? **Would I be better off staying north where the heat is more manageable?**

Would also love any thoughts on my itinerary – **if I should skip any towns, stay longer anywhere, etc.?**

The rest of my itinerary is:

* CADAQUES – 2 nights
* GIRONA – 1 night
* MADRID – 2 nights
* GRENADA – 2 nights
* TORREMILINOS – 2 nights
* SEVILLE – 3 nights


Any ideas for intensive educational courses?

I’m a teacher and not long before the summer holidays . I’ve left it really late to figure out what I want to do and not getting anywhere with my plans. I’ve done a lot of wwoofing/workaway in the past but would like something that leaves me with a qualification/more knowledge of some kind. Ideally something like a one month yoga teacher training . I run against internet walls looking for stuff like Pilates/somatic yoga/massage intensive summer training, so branching out. I don’t want to do an online course, I want to travel for it . I’m creative and interested in physiology, dancing, outdoor sports or even something completely different – just want to use my time well.



23M who wants to travel the world while I’m still young


I know questions like this have been asked before, but I wanted to ask more about my specific situation. I’m a 23 year old male recent grad and I’ve realized that a dream of mine is to solo travel the world, especially while I’m young and have little responsibility. I studied abroad in Europe for a while and would solo travel on my weekends to different countries, so it’s not an entirely new concept for me. On top of that, I traveled a fair amount as a kid, so this isn’t an entirely new concept for me. My goals are as follow:

-Solo travel for exactly a year either

– Travel throughout Western USA, Costa Rica, South America , Europe , Australia and NZ, and Asia

-Do it on a budget of 30k-40k

-Bring a portable guitar with me

-Stay in good shape

-Don’t get killed while abroad

Am I being too ambitious with my goals/budget? What resources can I use to start planning ahead, especially while this idea is in it’s infancy. Thankfully, due to backpacking and hiking, I already have a lot of gear tailored for compact travel. Thanks so much and any advice is great appreciated!


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Peruvian Amazon and Itinerary recommendations?

I will be traveling solo to Peru this August for 3 weeks. I am hoping to spend a few days in the amazon but I am torn between Puerto Maldonado and Iquitos. I am hoping to accomplish this as affordably as possible and I am wondering which of these locations is generally cheaper? Also, as far as booking amazon tours online all the ones I’ve seen are quite expensive, would it be more economical to book these tours locally?

I’d love to hear about your experiences, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! I have also included my rough Itinerary below:

Day 1: Arrive in Lima early morning

**Peru Hop to Cusco**

Day 2: Lima-Paracas

Day 3: Paracas -Huacachina

Day 4: Huacachina-Nazca-Arequipa

Day 5: Arequipa

Day 6: Arequipa- Colca Canyon day tour

Day 7: Arequipa- Cusco

**Cusco/ Sacred Valley**

Day 8: Cusco

Day 9: Cusco-Ollantaytambo-Aguas Calientas

Day 10: Machu Pichu -Cusco

Day 11: Cusco- Rainbow Mountain

Day 12: Cusco

**Flex Days**

Day 13: Flex Day

Day 14: Flex Day

Day 15: Flex day

**Amazon Adventure**

Day 16: Cusco – Puerto Maldonado or Iqitos

Day 17: Puerto Maldonado or Iqitos

Day 18: Puerto Maldonado or Iqitos

Day 19: Puerto Maldonado or Iqitos-Lima

**Back to Lima**

Day 20: Lima

Day 21: Depart Lima early morning


Where do you feel most awkward when travelling solo

And I mean general places you go to on every travel through such as acommodation, airport/transport, restaurant, sites of interest, museums, …

For me it is like

Airport/transport- not awkward at all, plenty people there are solo for various reasons

Acommodation – not awkward, usually it is private room so nobody can see me anyway

Shops – not awkward, they just want to sell items

Sites of interest – uh, tough one, sometimes If it is some place which tends to have some “romantic” reputation it can get a little bit awkward to be one of the rare solo travellers among couples but usually places of interest are nice and I am occupied with enjoying the moment that I do not care about that

Restaurants – the most awkward, especially when having to ask table for one person, also If I need toilet I feel uncomfortable to leave the table empty. TBH the older I get, I have less and less will to eat out alone…

Outdoors – in general fine but I avoid beaches as There is often no secure place to leave items If alone and lately when i go for a hike I tend to get anxious If there are no other people in sight. So i started to look some organized groups or like Airbnb experiences to go to nature.

Bonus: telling others that I am going solo- the most awkward. They are always like

Solo? Like alone? Like completely alone? Without anyone?
What will you do entire time? Why you have no company to join you?
Do you know what can happen? Have you heard how they kidnapped someone there 30 Years ago? I read that someone got robbed/lost/stolen organs/kidnapped there?

Now your experiences and opinions and maybe some advice 🙂